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For most of us, it happens at some time or another. You’re casually going through your day-to-day life, making important decisions and purchases you feel are necessary at the time, and then it suddenly hits you like a ton of bricks – you’re in debt. It doesn’t take much to pile on the debt, but it certainly takes a lot to get out of it.

Even if you don’t feel like you are in over your head, with today’s uncertain economy, you may still find yourself asking two important questions:

  1. Do I have too much debt?
  2. How can I control my debt to make sure I’m protecting my financial future?

At Alabama Telco Credit Union, we salute those who are trying to minimize their debt, and we are here to help! As a service to our members, we have decided to implement SavvyMoney Checkup, a FREE online program that anonymously collects your income and debt information, and instantly provides a customized action plan that you can easily understand and implement.

Simply click the link above to get started. You’ll see your own debt-to-income ratio, obtain a debt payment schedule and get your own personal action strategy based on personal history.

Remember SavvyMoney Checkup is available to you free of charge and is completely anonymous. The information collected about your income and current debts cannot and will not be used to identify you. The time to focus on your debt is now!

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