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Getting Started

Why would I use online banking?
Does it cost to use online banking?
How do I enroll in online banking?
What information do I need to enroll?
When can I start using online banking?
How does online banking work if I have more than one account number?
Can joint owners on my account use online banking?
Is online banking secure?
When is online banking available?
Will my information be updated throughout the day?
Does Online banking work with personal financial management programs, like Quicken or Microsoft Money?

Account Access

What accounts can I access via online banking?
What do the icons mean on my Account Summary page?
What does it mean if text is in blue?
What are the messages running on the right-hand side of my Account Summary page?
What are "debit holds"?
What does "Available" versus "Balance" mean on the Account Summary page?
How can I access my account history?
How long is online banking history kept?
Can I view a copy of a processed check (a check that has cleared my account)?
How can I change my username and password?
What if I forget my username or password?
How can I edit my personal information, like my email address or home address, if it has changed?
At the top of my Account Summary page, it says "no email address on file". How can I add my email address?
How can I make a loan payment?
How can I make a loan advance?
How can I access online bill payment?
How can I access e-Statements (online statements)?
If I am having trouble accessing my account online, what should I do?


Why would I set up an alert?
Does it cost to set up an alert?
What types of alerts are available to set up on my account?
Can I set up alerts on my Visa credit card account via online banking?
How do I sign up for alerts?
How do I direct/redirect where my alerts will go?
How do I set up or turn on an alert?
How do I view current alerts?
How do I change or cancel/turn off a current alert?
How do I change where an alert is going?
May I respond to an alert?


How do I create a transfer?
How do I create a recurring transfer?
How do I check the status of a transfer?
How do I change or cancel a recurring transfer?
Can I delete a same-day transfer or reverse one?
Can I make a Telco loan payment using the transfer feature?
Can I make a transfer to another Telco account number?
Can I make a transfer to another financial institution?

Visa Credit Card Account Access

How can I access my Visa credit card account through online banking?
How can I view my Visa credit card transaction history?
How can I make a payment on my Visa credit card?
Can I set up alerts on my Visa credit card account via online banking?
Whom should I contact if I have a question regarding my Visa credit card?


What are e-Statements?
Why would I sign up for e-Statements?
How safe are e-Statements?
How much do e-Statements cost?
How do I enroll in e-Statements?
Who can view my e-Statements?
How will I know when a new e-Statement is ready to view?
How can I access my e-Statements?
How many months of e-Statements will I be able to view online?
Can I download my e-Statements?
How do I update my email address?
How do I get a copy of an old paper statement?
Will I still get my paper statement at my home address?
What if I enroll and decide I want to switch back to paper statements?

Online Bill Pay

Why would I use online bill pay?
What is the fee for online bill pay?
How can I access online bill pay?
How do I sign up for online bill pay?
When can I start using online bill pay?
What bills can I pay through online bill pay?
When is online bill pay available?
What is the cutoff time if I want to schedule a payment to be sent the same day?
How many days does it take for a payment to reach my payee?
What if I forget to make a payment, can I have one expedited?
Will I be able to use online bill pay with any of my accounts?
How do I add a new payee to my payee list?
How long does it take to add a new payee to my payee list?
Can I send someone a monetary gift?
Can I send a donation to a charity?
When is my account debited for a scheduled payment?
Does online bill pay work with personal finance management packages?
Can a payment be cancelled after it is entered?
What happens if there isn't enough money in my account to cover the payment?
How long is online bill pay history kept?
Can I use online bill pay overseas?

Mobile Banking

What is mobile banking?
Why would I use mobile banking?
Is mobile banking safe?
What do I need to get started with mobile banking?
How do I enroll in mobile banking?
What is the fee for mobile banking?
Does my wireless carrier support mobile banking?
Can I use my mobile devices to access mobile banking? Which mobile devices are supported?
What can I view through mobile banking in regards to my account(s)?
Can I pay bills through mobile banking?
Can I make transfers through mobile banking?
What happens if I lose service while performing a transfer or bill payment?

Other Services

How can I change the name(s) of my savings account(s)?
How can I set/edit savings goals for my deposit accounts?
Where can I find my monthly average balance for my deposit accounts?
How do I reorder checks online?
How do I order a statement or check copy?
Can I apply for a loan via online banking?
Is there an online help desk if I have questions or issues with my online banking account?
How do I send a secure message online?
How long should I expect before receiving a response?
Can I view previous messages?

Browser & Security

Is online banking secure?
What are security questions?
Can I change my security questions?
Which browsers do you recommend?
What can I do to protect my account information?
What about privacy?

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