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Business Development Survey
for Alabama Telco Credit Union

1. Our ATCU Rep. responds in a timely manner.
2. Our ATCU Rep. treats us with courtesy and respect.
3. Our ATCU Rep. is knowledgeable about our Company and the benefits Alabama Telco Credit Union offers.
4. Our ATCU Rep. explains the Employee Benefits Plan thoroughly.
5. Our company is knowledgeable of Alabama Telco Credit Union's Employee Benefits Plan.
6. When a problem occurs, our ATCU Rep. works to resolve them in a timely manner.
7. Our ATCU Rep. proactively listens and asks questions to clarify my needs.
8. Our ATCU Rep's. explanations, e-mails, and other communications are helpful and clear.
9. Our overall satisfaction with ATCU's Employee Benefits Plan is high and we would recommend you to other companies.
10. Average number of times our company is visited by an ATCU Rep. per year.
11. Number of times our company wishes to be visited by an ATCU Rep. each year.
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