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Money Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

Get a complete overview of your finances and learn how to better manage your cash flow and budget with Money Manager. ( Note: Whenever we state “please submit a support request”, please log in to your account via our online banking and click on “Money Manager”. From there, you may submit your request.)


Why should I use Money Manager?
How do I start?
How do I contact you?


Is my information secure?
What happens to my financial institutions' usernames & passwords?
Do you collect my data?
Can a hacker access my financial data?
Can my identity be stolen?
What is CashEdge?
I'm nervous about adding all of my accounts.


What shows up on my Dashboard?
How do I hide an account's transactions from the Dashboard?
How do I export a list of my transactions?

Adding Your Accounts

What type of accounts do you support?
What financial institutions do you support?
How do I add an account?
What should I do if I am having trouble adding my financial institution(s)?
If I can't add an outside account, or while I'm waiting for approval, what else can I do to get a complete picture of my finances?
How do I handle cash transactions like ATM withdrawals?
How do I delete a previously added financial institution?
How do I assign nicknames to my financial institutions?

Tagging & Transactions

What is a tag?
How do I edit a tag?
How do I split the tags on my transactions?
How do I apply custom titles and tags to similar transactions?
How do I change an incorrect auto-tag?


How are budgets used?
How do I edit or delete a Spending Target?
What's the difference between a Spending Target and a Bill?


How do I use my Cashflow Calendar?
How do I create a bi-weekly income?
How do I select which accounts make up the estimated resulting balance in Cashflow?


What are Goals?
Why should I create a Goal?


What are Alerts?
How do I set up my email and mobile phone settings?
What cell phones do you support?
How do I set up Alerts?

Issues Adding Your Financial Institution

How do I add ING Direct? My information is not being accepted.
Your site is working in one browser, but not in another. Why is that?
My financial institution uses image/word verification. Can you support it?


I have another question! Help!
I have a great idea for you!

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